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Thursday, April 30, 2009

This just in, looks like Payoneer is cutting all their ties with We received confrimation from Payoneer that they no longer will be doing business with

Payoneer seems to be fed up with for using the Payoneer card to promote For weeks many members have been outraged about and their - Marketing Staff, pushing the card on all member to buy and purchase this card for 49.95. A card that is provided free of charge by payoneer. I am sure after many complaints payoneer was not happy about their company and services being used as a vessel to scam the general public. Here is what a member was just told by Payoneer staff just moments ago.

Images provided by Gil Christ <--- Thank You

I am sure will now have to find another avenue to scam members . Karma, it can be a bitch!


Anonymous said...

i was scammed from
i sent a mail here!

remember ,the americans dont joke!
if everybody of us send their personal story with,to this site...fbi will move ,and they dont joke.


Paki Scandals said...

i thinks its been scam site & they are not paying to their members, if they are real so why they are not paying on time, thanks

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